Recent technological advances have made Wi-Fi much “smarter” and more attractive for building inexpensive campus wide wireless access networks. The high-bandwidth IEEE 802.11n standard is a dramatic improvement over the previous a/b/g standards. New, sophisticated smart antenna, RF management, and interference avoidance technologies have also significantly bolstered the overall throughput and reliability of wide-area Wi-Fi networks.

Technology’s Edge has worked with one of the industry’s best and most advanced Wi-Fi solutions for its clients.

Cate School – Campus wide wireless solution

Technology’s Edge consulted with Cate Schools IT staff regarding their requirements for an upgrade for their entire campus wireless access. After a comprehensive analysis, a solution was designed based on Ruckus’ patented Zero-IT Activation™, Dynamic PSK™ (pre-shared key), and SpeedFlex™ technologies. All access points (approx. 75) and controllers were replaced and reconfigured to integrate with network Network Sentry network access controller acting as an 802.1x authentication control system and with VLAN selection based on user identity.

The upgrade was a great success on several fronts with installation being a simple mechanical process at the access point level and migration of the controller configuration taking only 1/5th of the time the original system took to install. The new Ruckus systems superior control solution was very easy to manage and work with issues right away. Further, the Ruckus proprietary beam forming technology which is widely seen as the best in the industry provided improved better range and coverage.

Cate School was founded in 1910 and has has a number of older buildings with 10” thick reinforced concrete walls that will challenge any wireless system. The Ruckus system comes through in flying colors. Coverage was for all dormitories and classrooms and pool areas (to support swim meeting timing and reporting automation).