Data Storage

The evolution of network based storage solutions is exemplified in technology of Storage Area Networks (SANs). SANs address the data storage needs of today’s data intensive network environments by providing modular scalability, high-availability, increased fault tolerance and centralized storage management. Another popular storage solution is Network Attached Storage (NAS). The benefits of the NAS design is that it fits in an environment with many servers running different operating systems, storage of data can be centralized, as can the security, management, and backup of the data. Technology’s Edge has provided solutions based on NAS iSCSI technology to an increasing number of companies for a variety of applications.

Technology’s Edge offers a number of affordable and highly competitive storage solutions supporting a wide range of business applications. These include both off-the-shelf and build-to-order storage products from industry leaders that include SAN, NAS and DAS (Direct Attached Storage) RAID. Please contact us to learn more how we can design a system to meet the needs of your environment.


Open-E®, Inc is a leading provider of unified file and block storage management software solutions. The Open-E Data Storage Software (Open-E DSS V6™) offers support for Network Attached Storage (NAS), iSCSI and Fibre Channel SAN (Storage Area Network) functionality all in a single, easy to use storage operating system. Open-E DSS also provides Automatic iSCSI Failover and Failback for high-availability, Remote Volume Mirroring and Asynchronous Data Replication for disaster recovery, WORM (Write Once Read Many) support for digital archiving, and NDMP (Network Data Management Protocol) support for universal backup – ensuring better data security, increased fault tolerance and improved availability of all data, ultimately delivering better overall performance and value.