System Upgrades

Why Upgrade your Systems?

Businesses today rely heavily on their Information Technology (IT). Down-time of IT systems typically equates to business down-time. But down-time alone is not the only concern. When systems under perform, productivity suffers and employee morale sinks. Keeping systems performing at optimum levels is no small task, however. Regular maintenance and upgrades of desktops, servers, storage and backup systems, and networking equipment is key to high performance. It also seems there is a never ending stream of patches for operating systems and some applications to shore up security threats. New forms of Internet based threats, including viruses, spyware, and spam also have to be addressed regularly and consistently.

The Technology’s Edge Solution

Technology’s Edge addresses all of these concerns with our System Upgrades services. We have over 25 years of experience in the following areas:

  • Global systems performance analysis
  • Identify system bottlenecks and recommend resolutions
  • Help Desk Services via Phone, Email, and Client Portal
  • Security audits
  • Capacity analysis for future growth
  • Network reliability and stability analysis and recommendations
  • Storage and backup system maintenance
  • Desktop, server, storage and backup, and networking equipment maintenance
  • Product procurement for all facets of the IT infrastructure

We work with companies who have existing internal staff to augment skill-sets where needed or where overflow projects would require outside assistance. We also act as a complete outsourced IT department for clients who need more extensive support.

The Benefits

Working with Technology’s Edge on a Systems Upgrade project is a smart move for any organization. The benefits include:

  • Enhanced performance of the IT environment
  • We research and test the products we sell
  • Improved security and decreased vulnerabilities to outside attacks
  • Better employee morale and productivity
  • Increased ability to respond quickly to market changes
  • Documentation of the solutions implemented and their configurations

Why Should Your Firm Work With Technology’s Edge?

At Technology’s Edge, our Systems Upgrade capabilities are a core competency of our business model. We offer a proven track record of success at helping companies reach their performance and IT systems stability goals. We have a strong and diverse knowledge of computer systems and networking technologies. Best of all, we have a clearly documented Professional Services Methodology Plan to help ensure successful upgrade projects.