Business IT Managed Services

Peak Performance is the core of our Business Essentials and Premier Care IT Managed Services. It is the ultimate solution for companies wanting the highest level of performance from their business information IT systems. Peak Performance is the most flexible and proficient approach to IT management available. Our programs are designed to maximize the efficiency of your business with a menu of tiered services.

Our offerings can cover all or a portion of your critical business technologies. Key services are provided through a “Service Level Agreement” (SLA) to maximize your uptime. You in turn, pay a monthly fee that is appropriate to the given service level and your budget. Peak Performance SLAs are established starting on a one year agreement basis. All programs provide proactive and preventative maintenance designed to optimize your systems.

As part of our comprehensive on-boarding process, we can include the design, purchase and build-out of new systems, or recommend a phased approach to upgrades. These services will be based on our in depth assessment of your existing network infrastructure. Our goal is to uncover any deficiencies in network security and performance to help improve your productivity.

Features of Peak Performance

Technology’s Edge has developed our Peak Performance plans to cover the entire range of technology concerns that companies of all sizes will encounter. Our technicians provide monthly services both on-site, at your facility, and remotely across the following areas:

  • 24×7 Remote Monitoring
  • Centralized System Management
  • Weekly Performance Reporting
  • Help Desk Support (Phone /Email / Web Portal)
  • Reactive and Emergency Support
  • Server Maintenance
  • Network Maintenance
  • Storage and Backup System Maintenance
  • Security & Firewall Maintenance
  • Desktop Maintenance
  • Predictive Simplified Billing
TechEdge Premier IT Managed Services

What Are the Benefits of Peak Performance?

Better balance of core IT expenditures through proactive managed services. This allows companies to work within a more predictable budget environment, which in turn allows for more accurate growth planning.

Technology planning sessions allow you to predict your future IT needs. This eliminates unpleasant surprises and allows you to budget months in advance for necessary expenditures.

Reduced worrying about systems failures. We actively monitor and analyze your systems, perform routine proactive performance enhancements, and make recommendations about how to better manage your systems.

Emergency services are available in every plan to ensure rapid response and immediate support if things go wrong.

Our “One Stop” outsourcing approach provides a single resource to call for new hardware, software and services. We can serve as entire IT department or simply work with your current in-house staff augmenting their capabilities and availability.

“Flex Support” Services is one of the best features of the Peak Performance approach. Plans can range from unlimited support or scaled to your needs as needed.

Do I need Peak Performance if I already have IT Employees?

Our Peak Performance Managed Services can supplement existing IT departments with skill-sets that are either not needed on a daily basis or that are simply too expensive to pay for full-time. Technology’s Edge has vast experience as an outsourced IT department for companies covering a all industries. We are very comfortable in this role. Since our plans are so flexible, our clients choose to hire the skill-sets they are lacking without having to pay for skill-sets already available from existing employees. At a time when companies are trying to do more with fewer resources, Peak Performance is great for those needing to fill support gaps in their IT environment.

To sign up for a Peak Performance plan, please call 949-474-9533 or fill out our Quick Contact Form at the top of this page for more information.

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