Technology’s Edge is a full-service computer systems support team offering leading-edge IT products and solutions. In addition to our Peak Performance managed services solution, we offer expertise across a wide array of technology disciplines. We have a vast experience with technology implementations across a wide variety of industries. Our engineers are seasoned professionals and hold certifications in all of the product lines that we support. Often their training has been received direct from the manufacturers themselves.
  • IT Consulting and Systems Design
  • Hosted Messaging and Collaboration
  • Managed Services Plans designed to optimize SMB Networks
  • Network Infrastructure and Security System Reviews
  • Remote and Home Office Support
  • Secure Access, Endpoint Security and Identity Management
  • Management of Special IT Projects
  • Business Application Installation and Support


Our Focus: Small and Medium Businesses

Getting the most for your Information Technology dollar is important to all organizations. But small to medium sized businesses feel this imperative more than others. While larger organizations may be able to absorb the impact of poorly performing or improperly configured systems, for small to medium sized businesses, this could be crippling. They need near-term return on technology investments in products and services. Because so many small to medium sized businesses these days are working on tight budgets, they need to get the best possible value while not spending money on features they don’t need or want. They also need to keep Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to a minimum so on-going maintenance costs don’t outweigh the short-term benefits. Unfortunately, many small to medium sized businesses do not have the technical expertise on staff to help them sift through the range of available products to determine which are best for their environment.


Why Should Your Firm Work With Technology’s Edge?

Technology’s Edge is the partner of choice for small and medium sized businesses. We understand the budget, value, and TCO imperatives. We work with many small to medium sized companies who expect to see almost immediate return on their expenditures. We have a great deal of expertise in an array of technology products and can help create a customized solution that meets budget and performance requirements. We bring skill-sets to every project we engage in that are hard to find in the general market place. We also offer system documentation that allows our clients always know how to manage systems on their own if they choose not to engage in a Peak Performance plan. Technology’s Edge is the right choice for small to medium sized businesses.


Services for Larger Businesses

For more information about our services for larger clients or more involved implementations, please see our Professional Services Methodology section.