IT Security News

IT Security News

Safeguarding Data in the Healthcare Industry

Concurrent logins, manual logoffs, password sharing and the lack of unique logins are putting patient records at risk, new research from IS Decisions has revealed…READ ARTICLE

Malicious AD Networks known to cause DDos Attacks

Hackers have figured out how to launch crippling distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks through malicious advertisements…READ ARTICLE

DDoS Attacks Launched World Wide

Attackers have developed a botnet capable of 150+ Gbps DDoS attack campaigns using XOR DDoS, a Trojan malware used to hijack Linux systems, according to Akamai…READ ARTICLE

Cyber Crime Article

CyberCrime: Much More Organized

Cybercrime offers the potential for immense profits. So it is no surprise that the digital “mob” has moved into the space. According to some experts, there is no such thing as “disorganized cybercrime” any more…READ ARTICLE

Online Banking Best Practices Questioned

A recent CNN Money Article cites that “Banks are skimping on website security”. Noting that major powerhouse banks like Capital One, JPMorgan Chase, Suntrust, Wells Fargo are not using the latest Web Security Industry Standard Best Practices. READ ARTICLE

FBI Security Ransomware

The Persistent Threat of Ransomware

Data from the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) shows ransomware continues to spread and is infecting devices around the globe…READ ARTICLE