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Would you like to better leverage technology to meet increasing competitive demands?
Do you want to find ways to better attract and retain skilled employees?
Is keeping pace with the best technologies to improve sales and marketing important?

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Based in Orange County, Technology’s Edge provides key managed IT Support Services to Product Supply Distributors both Wholesale and Retail in various industries including, Automotive accessories, Medical devices, Lifestyle products, and a variety of consumer goods.
Technology’s Edge provides core system support and updates for key applications suited for wholesale distribution, supply chain management, and online eCommerce retail sales.

These services and solutions include:

System support for the QuickBooks Professional Enterprise Software, MAS200 and Macola. We also provide support for many custom SQL Database Management, ERP and UPS Shipping software applications.

Why Should Your Company Work With Technology’s Edge?

If you are looking for a seasoned IT Services Provider whose core values include:

✔ Adherence to a high level of technology standards and IT Best Practices.
✔ Providing a positive impact on all aspects of your business operations.
✔ Ways to lower your company’s overall technology costs.
✔ Improved employee user experience and job satisfaction.
✔ Increased productivity and profitability.
✔ Security of your information (digital assets) from theft and hacking.
✔ Protection of your operations from disruption, data loss and associated financial risks.