Industry Support

Technology’s Edge supports a wide range of businesses including:

Classic Industries is America’s first choice in Restoration and Performance Parts and Accessories. Specializing in vintage Chevrolet Camaro, Impala, Nova, Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, and GM trucks, Classic Industries offers thousands of restoration, performance, and customization parts from the most trusted names in the business.
Technology’s Edge has been Classic Industries’ IT partner of choice for over 15 years. Projects have included:

  • Storage Network solution for Graphics Department MacIntosh computers
  • Virtualization of Microsoft Servers using VMWare’s Enterprise Platform
  • Enterprise Grade Wireless Network for Distribution Warehouse application
  • IceWarp Mail Server Setup and Support
  • High Capacity Storage Area Networks

The Cate School is one of the top 10 independent college preparatory schools in the country with close to 300 boarding and day students representing 21 states and 14 foreign countries.

Technology’s Edge joined the Technology Committee at a time when there were several projects that needed to move forward. Each project involved a large number of possible options and approaches that could be taken to reach their long-term goals. Projects included VPN access for staff and academic users, higher security between zones, faster network performance, comprehensive Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam, and a Campus-wide Wireless solution.

Technology’s Edge evaluated a wide range of solutions that considered security requirements for a smart and capable group of high school students, the need to keep staff networks connected but isolated and the finite financial and support assets available for the projects. The results included:

  • A new core firewall that took over routing and firewall duties high throughput levels with two remote VPN portals. All core switching was upgraded to a full Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) structure for better security and simplification of cabling plant design.
  • Deployment of new Email front-end tools to control SPAM and Virus issues plus take over list-serv requirements.
  • The implementation of Campus wide Network Access Control solution allowed the Cate School to reduce manpower burdens associated with the arrival of virus infected student PCs. Compliance with School policy for Virus software and patch levels is now automatically enforced.

All have been added to further the school’s goals of providing an excellent scholastic environment supported by appropriate technology, but managed by limited staff resources.

FedONE Federal Credit Union services the Justice Department of Immigration and Naturalization Services Federal employees who work in or are headquartered in California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, the Territory of Guam, and the Mariana Islands.

Technology’s Edge has served as FedONE’s outsourced IT services provider for over 4 years. TechEdge has assisted FedONE to be compliant with the National Credit Union Association (NCUA) guidelines for Information System and Technology (IS&T) Program reporting which includes:

  • 24/7 Systems Monitoring
  • VPN only Remote Site Access
  • Entity & User Authentication
  • Assistance with Internal and External IT Security Audits

Medical Accounts Receivable Solutions, Inc. (MARS) specializes in billing and collections for home infusion, nursing, and specialty pharmacy services.

Technology’s Edge has served as MARS’ outsourced IT services provider for over 9 years, during which time the company has seen considerable growth. Due the strict federal privacy requirements in working with sensitive patient health related information, TechEdge has played a key role in the implementation of MARS HIPAA compliance measures which include:

  • State-Of-The-Art system hardening software (Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware)
  • Secure Encrypted Email
  • 24/7 Systems Monitoring
  • VPN only Remote Site Access
  • Entity & User Authentication
  • Encrypted Data stored in Bi-coastal Offsite Locations
  • Assistance with Internal and External IT Security Audits

Living Opportunities Management Company (LOMCO) is an experienced residential property management company established in 1975, and headquartered in Long Beach California. LOMCO currently manages 21 affordable housing properties for elderly and handicapped/disabled residents located in Orange, Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.
Technology’s Edge has served LOMCO’s outsourced IT services provider for over 15 years. Initially engaged as Citrix solutions partner to support its remote projects and headquarter operations, TechEdge has provided LOMCO with a full spectrum of services including:

  • Microsoft Enterprise Server
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization
  • Server and Desktop Hardware
  • Office Productivity Software
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution
  • VOIP Phone System
  • Website Design Services
  • Email Messaging and GroupWare
  • Network Security (Fortinet Firewall, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam)
  • Monthly Managed Services

Founded in 1971, Grating Pacific is the premier manufacturer and distributor for metal grating, fiberglass grating, safety grating and specialty metal products in the Western United States. With five locations located in California, Arizona, Oregon and Washington states, Grating Pacific maintains an Internet “Cloud based” VPN Wide Area Network to link their operations and design staff.

Grating Pacific has employed Technology’s Edge since 2000 to manage numerous projects as well as provide on going system maintenance, server and desktop upgrades. :

  • Server and Desktop Hardware
  • IT Strategic Planning
  • Consulting Services
  • Secured Virtual Private Network / Wide Area Network
  • Home Office Support
  • Email Messaging and Mobility
  • Network Security (Firewall, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam)
  • Managed Services

GearShift Advertising is a new type of digitally driven advertising and brand development agency that helps companies navigate the increasingly complex array of ad mediums, marketing technologies and consumer devices.

Technology’s Edge worked with GearShift from their initial business start up through all implementation phases and ongoing support. Our services included:

  • Configuration and deployment of a high performance file server with a large capacity storage array
  • Network infrastructure including Data & VOIP cabling
  • High Bandwidth Firewall / Unified Thread Management Appliance with Wireless Access
  • Cloud based hosted VOIP solution
  • Macintosh and Windows Desktops
  • Consulting for selection of a high bandwidth fiber Internet services with failover connection
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange with Microsoft Outlook and Office Applications

Since the deployment phase, Technology’s Edge has served as Gearshift’s outsourced IT provider with our Peak Performance Managed Services.

BrandingBusiness is a brand consulting and brand strategy company dedicated exclusively to helping B2B companies achieve breakthrough success with the inspirational power of brands built on rigorous, evidence-based thinking and courageous ideas.

BrandingBusiness (formerly RiechesBaird) engaged Technology’s Edge at a turning point in the evolution of their company. Key areas of their network server and data storage infrastructure were poorly designed and not meeting their needs. from their initial business start up through all implementation phases and ongoing support. Projects and services include:

  • Configuration and deployment of a high performance Virtual Server
  • Active Directory upgrade
  • High Bandwidth Firewall / Unified Thread Management Appliance
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution with Cloud and standby NAS Server
  • Support for Macintosh and Windows Desktops
  • Performance and Capacity upgrades to Storage Server
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange with Microsoft Outlook and Office Applications

The combination of infrastructure upgrades and ongoing Peak Performance Managed Services has helped support BrandingBusiness’ latest merger and growth into other US markets.