Connecting Employee Teams Across The Distance


    Facing the stark reality of a global pandemic, our working world has changed forever. We can no longer expect to operate entirely out of an office. We must empower our our workers to be productive anywhere. Proven technologies are readily available to support the challenge of allowing team members to share ideas and work together whether or not they are at home or in the office.

    The best cloud-based offerings can provide all or the majority of the tools for keeping your team engaged:

    Defining Team Structure

    Multi-Organizational Groups

    Document Sharing

    Smart Workflows

    Mobile Device Access

    Voice and Video Calling

    Instant Messaging and Chat Sessions

    Microsoft Teams is a new chat-based platform designed to join all the people, conversations and content together with the tools your team needs to be more effective.

    The platform is integrated with all existing Office apps, and with features provided by Office 365. Designed for secure document sharing, the inclusion of powerful video and chat options allow a virtual meeting workspaces expansive “connectiveness”.

    For organizations using Office 365, now may be the perfect time to tap into the many features designed for remote work and mobile access. Add-in tools like Microsoft Teams empowers virtual water cooler conversations and seamlessly integrates communication into the work at hand.

    Powering Remote Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

    Regardless of distance, Microsoft Teams provides the tools you need to bring colleagues into the same virtual room. When canceled flights keeps team members on separate continents, or quarantine forces work-at-home, Teams comes to the rescue.

    With real-time collaboration, multiple employees can work together on a single Word document, PowerPoint presentation or Excel spreadsheet. They can conduct a group chat without leaving the open document. Then, with the touch of a button, they can move directly from the group chat to a video conference.

    Because every document the team shares saves to the cloud, team members always have access to the most recent document version. And Microsoft Teams pulls content, tools, and conversations together into a chat-based workspace designed to promote productivity.

    Behind the scenes, additional features ensure that remote collaboration does not require any sacrifice of security. Automated encryption protects documents in transit and at rest. Multi-factor authentication and advanced threat protection protect identity and detect suspicious activity. And Mobile Device Management provides tools for mobile workforce security.

    Technology’s Edge has been committed to providing business productivity, networking and security solutions for nearly three decades.

    We know what it takes to keep employees connected and businesses productive. And, as a strategic Microsoft Partner, TechEdge can help your organization get the most out of Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.