How should organizations react to hackers changing tactics, techniques and procedures?


    According to NTT Security, firms need to conduct better penetration testing to combat the changes in hackers’ tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs).

    The most targets industries are:
    • Finance (23%)
    • Retail (19%)
    • Manufacturing (18%)
    • Technology (12%)
    •  Healthcare (11%)
    • Other (17%)

    Hackers are becoming relentless and constantly employing new means to penetrate networks to steal confidential data. They are being more sophisticated in their attacks. Therefore, organizations must find where/how these attacks are taking place so, they can deploy the most effective network security.

    “43% of attacks against finance were web based attacks, with SQL being the most common attack method and 73% of malware delivered to the healthcare industry was in the form of spam email with malicious attachments.”

    As organizations consider how to better protect their security infrastructure against these attacks, it is suggested to implement an external management security service (MSS). This will help the organizations to identify their network vulnerabilities and where they need to optimize network security programs to make better informed decisions, achieve compliance and reduce costs. Read more at: helpnetsecurity

    Image via eSecurity Planet
    Image via eSecurity Planet