Over 75% of Americans have been hacked


    At least 75% of adults are concerned about their security, privacy, malware and websites tracking them. However, many aren’t taking the right precautions to protect themselves- with millennials being the worst offenders. American adults are not taking all of the steps they could to protect themselves. Many are not aware of the best practices while online and the prevalence of cyber incidents. 71% of people say that if they hear a retail store was victim to cyber security they would think twice about shopping at that retail store. However, this anxiety and expectations have not translated into action…

    • 64% (71% millennials) say that they are on a major retail or social networking website, they always consider their information to be safe.
    • 55% say that if they receive an email with a link from a friend, they will most likely click on it.
    • 55% (66% millennials) say that if they were hacked, they wouldn’t know what to do.
    • 36% (50% millennials) say they don’t think twice about sharing their personal information on social media.

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    Image courtesy of chanpipat at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
    Image courtesy of chanpipat at FreeDigitalPhotos.net