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By TechEdge / Nov 8, 2019

3 Steps to Fix IT Management for Small Businesses

Small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often have a more difficult time managing IT than larger enterprises. Despite being as technology dependent as...

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By TechEdge / Oct 18, 2019

Breaking News: Downtime Kills Small Businesses

Downtime is bad news for any business whether big or small. A recent two-hour New York Times' downtime occurrence sent...

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By TechEdge / Oct 18, 2019

Are Managed IT Services Right For You? A Few Things to Consider

How are small businesses convinced to recognize the value of managed IT services? Start-up companies are typically driven by entrepreneurs...

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By TechEdge / Sep 19, 2019

Question: How do I Identify an Email Phishing Scheme?

Research has revealed that over half of all users end up opening fraudulent emails and often even fall for them....

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By TechEdge / Sep 19, 2019

The Benefits of a Managed Service Provider

Managed Service Providers - or MSPs - are often recommended as a cost effective IT solution for small businesses. For...

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By TechEdge / Sep 19, 2019

8 Cold Hard Truths for Businesses Not Worried About Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

The foundation of any successful business continuity solution is the ability to retrieve data from any point in time from...

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By TechEdge / May 29, 2019

Can You Really Afford Not to Have a Backup Plan?

  According to Symantec SMB, 50% of SMBs admit to having no backup and disaster recovery plan in place. 41% of...

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By TechEdge / Dec 28, 2017

Federal Health Officials: Lenient Security Practices to Blame for Quickening Pace of HIPAA Violations

Breaches in Healthcare Over the past year, healthcare organizations have seen an 82 percent year-over-year increase in large breaches—ones that...

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By TechEdge / Oct 31, 2016

Over 75% of Americans have been hacked

At least 75% of adults are concerned about their security, privacy, malware and websites tracking them. However, many aren’t taking...

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By TechEdge / Oct 28, 2016

How Your Refrigerator Can Break the Internet

At the beginning of the week, we posted a blog about how new internet-connected gadgets could bring the internet to...

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By TechEdge / Oct 28, 2016

How should organizations react to hackers changing tactics, techniques and procedures?

According to NTT Security, firms need to conduct better penetration testing to combat the changes in hackers’ tactics, techniques and...

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By TechEdge / Oct 25, 2016

Could new internet-connected gadgets bring the internet to its knees?

Dyn, an internet performance management company, was hit with a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack on Friday afternoon. This...

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By TechEdge / Oct 20, 2016

Most Small Businesses are not Ready for Cyber-Attacks

According to a Nationwide survey nearly 80% of small-business owners don’t have a cyber-attack response plan in place. Leading to over...

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By TechEdge / Sep 30, 2016

Massive DDos Attack Led By Hacked Cameras & Other Devices

Last week, popular security and tech page KrebsOnSecurity went dark following a massive DDos attack. While the amount of data used to...

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By TechEdge / Sep 29, 2016

Where the U.S. Polls Fall Short on This Election

The current voting process in the U.S. allows for a myriad of cyber attacks. Since the voting process is decentralized and regulated by...

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By TechEdge / Sep 28, 2016

Reasons Why Users Aren’t Good With Passwords

A survey by password vault software LastPass shows that while 91% of users know that re-using passwords is risky, 61% re-use...

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By TechEdge / Sep 27, 2016

Ransomware Getting More Targeted & Expensive

In an alert published by the FBI, the agency claims that recent ransomware strains are beginning to target vulnerable business servers more...

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By TechEdge / Sep 26, 2016

Social Media and Bring Your Own Device (“BYOD”) Biggest Perceived Threats to Company Security

In a survey by Callcredit Information Group, the organization found that employee access to social media and BYOD device policies were...

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By TechEdge / Sep 23, 2016

Yahoo Confirms Personal Info. of at Least 500 Million Users Stolen

Yahoo has now confirmed that at least 500 million users' data was stolen from a breach that occurred in 2014....

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By TechEdge / Sep 20, 2016

Large Data Breach Hits Ad Company

A large scale data breach has hit an advertising company, with 6.6 million plaintext passwords and other personal information being...

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By TechEdge / Sep 19, 2016

Hackers Find Vulnerabilities in “Internet-of-Things” Devices

At a DEF CON security conference in August, Hackers were successfully able to expose 47 vulnerabilities in 23 Internet-of-Things devices....

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By TechEdge / Sep 16, 2016

New York Planning to Implement Cyber Rules for Financial Institutions

Financial institutions in New York are bracing themselves for the impact of new state legislature that will require a cybersecurity plan...

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By TechEdge / Sep 15, 2016

The Cloud Can Be A Plus To Security

Despite concerns over data security in the cloud, with proper use it can become a beneficial asset to an organization's...

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By TechEdge / Sep 14, 2016

Cybersecurity isn’t Just Reserved for the IT Department

Every executive is responsible for the strength of their company's IT security. As an executive,  whether it be CFO, CIO,...

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By TechEdge / Sep 13, 2016

Developments to Data Security in the Financial Industry

In 2015, a reported 41% of financial services organizations had either experienced a data breach or failed a compliance audit. With...

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By TechEdge / Sep 2, 2016

69 Million Dropbox Accounts Leaked

After a recent mandatory update for passwords on certain Dropbox accounts, it has been confirmed that almost 69 million user accounts...

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By TechEdge / Sep 1, 2016

Kimpton Hotels Admit to Malware on Terminals

Kimpton hotels recently acknowledged that some of it's terminals contained malware that compromised customer credit and debit card information. The chain...

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By TechEdge / Aug 31, 2016

“Fantom” Ransomware Poses as a Legitimate Windows Update

A new ransomware has been discovered that poses itself as a critical Windows update in order to get victims to...

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By TechEdge / Aug 29, 2016

New Data-Stealing Malware on iPhones has been Discovered

The new iOs version 9.3.5 has been released, which patches an invisible malware that can steal all of the data contained...

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By TechEdge / Aug 26, 2016

Cybercriminals Have Moles Inside Telecom Corporations

A recent Kaspersky lab report claims that cyber criminals have been blackmailing employees of large telecommunications corporations in order to...

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By TechEdge / Aug 25, 2016

Security Mistakes that Executives Make

Executives face difficult decisions every day about whether or not to make investments on behalf for their firms. While many have...

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By TechEdge / Aug 24, 2016

Browser-Based Security Alerts Have Room for Improvement

Academics from Brigham Young University and the University of Pittsburgh determined that poorly timed security alerts for web browsers were...

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By TechEdge / Aug 23, 2016

As Spending in Cyber Security Increases, Companies Still aren’t Safe

In the past year, private sector companies spent more than $75 Billion on security software, and this number is expected to grow...

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By TechEdge / Aug 22, 2016

New Windows Trojan Aims for Corporate Data

A new Trojan virus has been discovered that targets sensitive information held by corporations, such as financial information, social security...

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By TechEdge / Aug 19, 2016

Address Bar Spoofing Found in Chrome, Firefox, and Other Browsers

Popular web browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have been found to be vulnerable to a an address bar spoof. A...

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By TechEdge / Aug 18, 2016

Another Qualcomm Chip Security Flaw Exposes 900M Android Users

Four security flaws found on Qualcomm chips in Android based phones are leaving up to 900 million users exposed. The flaw...

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By TechEdge / Aug 17, 2016

Oracle Point of Sale Systems Involved in a Breach

Visa issued a warning last Friday, August 12th to users of Oracle's MICROS retail Point of Sale ("POS) units. The...

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By TechEdge / Aug 16, 2016

Android Users Beware – Easy to Download Trojan Has Been Found

A Trojan was found today that can be downloaded just by reading news on your Android phones' web browser. The...

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By TechEdge / Aug 15, 2016

Total Compromised Records in 2016 Surpasses Amount in Past 3 Years

According to a report by IBM X-Force data, over 200 million records were already compromised by July 31 of this...

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By TechEdge / Aug 12, 2016

Social Security Administration Now Requiring Two-Factor Authentication

The Social Security Administration ("SSA") announced last week that it would require all existing users to have a cell phone in...

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By TechEdge / Aug 11, 2016

Health Care Still a Major Target for Ransomware

Our blog has covered a few of the most recent attacks on Hospitals. What many don't realize is that the hackers aren't just out...

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By TechEdge / Aug 10, 2016

Spearphising: Curiosity is Main Culprit for Clicks

Research done by Zinaida Benenson showed that 34% of those in a test group who received a test spearfishing email...

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By TechEdge / Aug 9, 2016

Can Cyberattackers Disrupt the U.S. Presidential Election?

With news of the recent attacks on the Democratic National Convention,  many are questioning whether cyber attacks could materially impact...

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By TechEdge / Aug 8, 2016

SMS Two-Factor Authentication Comes with it’s Set of Risks

Two-factor authentication ("2FA") can be an important tool to protect account data and information. Many applications such as banking apps,...

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By TechEdge / Aug 5, 2016

Ransomware – 5 Tactics for Defense

Ransomware has quickly become the hot cyber-security topic over the past few years. The FBI estimates that ransomware has caused...

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By TechEdge / Aug 4, 2016

Researchers Able to Bypass Chip Card Security

You may have noticed that most new credit cards now come with a chip installed on them. The chip, known...

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By TechEdge / Aug 3, 2016

Yahoo Investigating 200 Million Accounts Allegedly for Sale

Yahoo is investigating the possibility of 200 million of its users' credentials for sale on the dark web. The credentials...

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By TechEdge / Aug 2, 2016

Keysniffer Vulnerability Puts Wireless Keyboards at Risk

Wireless keyboards made by eight manufacturers suffer from a vulnerability that could allow attackers to read and record keystrokes from...

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By TechEdge / Aug 1, 2016

Cisco Discloses Vulnerability in it’s Router Software

Last week, Cisco disclosed that it had found a critical vulnerability in it's router software. The flaw could potentially allow an...

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By TechEdge / Jul 29, 2016

What is Known About the DNC Hack

Several months ago, servers for the Democratic National Committee ("DNC") were hacked, and multiple emails, research pieces, and correspondence were...

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By TechEdge / Jul 28, 2016

Cybercrime Overtakes Other Forms of Crime in UK

The National Crime Agency for the UK has announced that cybercrime has surpassed all other forms of crime in the...

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By TechEdge / Jul 27, 2016

Basic Security Flaw Led to Hack of Houston Astro’s Statistics

Last summer, an executive from the St. Louis Cardinals was under scrutiny by the FBI as part of an investigation into...

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By TechEdge / Jul 25, 2016

CSRF Vulnerability Fixed in PayPal Bug

Florian Courtial, a french software engineer, recently discovered a bug in PayPal.Me which allows the unauthorized changing of a users'...

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By TechEdge / Jul 22, 2016

Tips & Tools to “Self-Hack” Your Organization Into Better Security Practices

When organizations come under a cyber attack, their most critical asset is the time it takes to remedy the problem....

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By TechEdge / Jul 21, 2016

Facebook Malware Linked to Phishing Campaign

Kaspersky lab researchers found that Turkish-led phishing campaigns were to blame for the release of a Trojan to some Facebook...

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By TechEdge / Jul 20, 2016

Crypto-Drop Early Ransomware Detection System

With today's constant threat of ransomware, one would expect the landscape of anti-virus and anti-malware detection and prevention systems to be up-to-date on...

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By TechEdge / Jul 19, 2016

The Value of a Hacked Company

Many organizations become more security-conscious only after they have experienced a traumatic breach to their organizations. In order to fully...

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By TechEdge / Jul 18, 2016

Experts Have Raised Security Concerns Over Pokemon Go App

As the world has been swept with the Pokemon Go phenomenon over the past two weeks, experts have found some...

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By TechEdge / Jul 14, 2016

China Hacks of FDIC Covered Up by Agency

A congressional report claims that Chinese hackers are responsible for multiple breaches to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ("FDIC"). The report claims...

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By TechEdge / Jul 13, 2016

New Santana Ransomware Encrypts Files and Renders OS Unbootable

A new aggressive form of malware has appeared that not only encrypts users' files, but also leaves the computer unable...

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By TechEdge / Jul 12, 2016

90% Of Security Events Are Caused By Bots

According to security company Incapsula, almost 90% of all security events affecting users are caused by bots. These bots account...

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By TechEdge / Jul 11, 2016

Mobile Ransomware from 2014-2016

A KSN report was recently published showing trends of ransomware for PCs as well as mobile devices. While mobile ransomware is not...

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By TechEdge / Jul 7, 2016

Android Keystore Encryption Is Broken, Says Researchers

Researchers are claiming that Keystore, the default password and username credential storage system for Android based phones, is broken. The...

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By TechEdge / Jul 6, 2016

Medical Records Being Targeted In Cyber Attacks

Medical devices that are connected to the internet such as MRI machines, CT scanners, and other pieces of equipment are...

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By TechEdge / Jul 5, 2016

Know The IT Security Framework: Predict, Prevent, Detect Respond

The landscape for cyber attacks is evolving, and the threat of attack grows alongside our online presence. According to Gartner Group, more...

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By TechEdge / Jul 5, 2016

‘My Activity’ Dashboard from Google Shows What Google Knows About You

It's no secret that Google collects and uses data about it's users' search history, musical tastes, and visited sites in...

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By TechEdge / Jul 1, 2016

High-Severity Bugs Found in 25 of Symantec & Norton Products

A Google Project-Zero researcher claims "These vulnerabilities are as bad as it gets."  Security weaknesses across a large suite of Symantec/Norton products...

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By TechEdge / Jun 30, 2016

At Least One iOs or Android Device Infected with Malware at Large Companies

A study by mobile security firm Skycure claims that organizations that have over 200 iOs or Android have at least...

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By TechEdge / Jun 29, 2016

GoToMYPC Service Victim of Password Hack

Citrix's GoToMYPC is the latest service to fall victim to a password hack. The remote desktop software allows users to access...

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By TechEdge / Jun 28, 2016

Phishing vs. Whaling and the Roles of Privileged Users

The world of cybersecurity tends to have two different approaches to phishing. The first view believes that through proper security...

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By TechEdge / Jun 27, 2016

154 Million Records Leaked from Voter Database

The profiles of 154 million Americans has been leaked, and is potentially open to access from foreign operatives. According to...

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By TechEdge / Jun 24, 2016

More than 1/2 of the World’s Top Domains Remain Vulnerable to Spoofing

The Swedish cybersecurity firm Detectify has found that over 1/2 of the world's top domains have misconfigured servers, which could...

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By TechEdge / Jun 23, 2016

Carbonite Enforces Password Reset for 1.5M Customers

The online data backup site Carbonite is enforcing a password reset on 1.5 million customers. The password reset comes after...

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By TechEdge / Jun 22, 2016

Microsoft’s June Patch Fixes 44 Vulnerabilities

On Tuesday June 14, Microsoft released 16 bulletins for Windows that address 44 vulnerabilities. At least 5 of the bulletins are...

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By TechEdge / Jun 21, 2016

7 Steps to Automating Cyber Threat Detection and Analysis

Cyber attacks are among the most talked about and publicized security threats that society faces today. While the public has a...

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By TechEdge / Jun 20, 2016

Ransomware Now Infecting Smart TVs

When most people think of ransomware, they think of malware infecting their laptop or desktop computers and demanding a payment...

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By TechEdge / Jun 10, 2016

Top Cyber Scams to Look Out For This Summer

Summer tends to be a perfect opportunity for cyber criminals to take advantage of unwary online users. Summertime brings sporting events, shopping,...

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By TechEdge / Jun 9, 2016

Phishers Creating Distractions to Dodge Defenses

Criminals orchestrating phishing attempts are creating more unique web links in order to distract from and dodge defenses. According to an industry...

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By TechEdge / Jun 8, 2016

Microsoft Claiming to Ban Easy-To-Guess Passwords

In late May, a Microsoft program manager announced that the Microsoft service to log into services such as Xbox Live...

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By TechEdge / Jun 8, 2016

Manufacturing Predicted to Be Next Large Targets for Ransomware

Over the past year, multiple hospitals have fallen victim to Ransomware schemes. A recent study by Fortinet suggests that the manufacturing sector is the industry...

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By TechEdge / Jun 6, 2016

Laptops From 5 Makers Contain Vulnerabilities Straight Out of the Box

Duo Labs, the research arm of Michigan based security firm Duo Security, found that Acer, Asus, Dell, HP and Lenovo laptops...

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By TechEdge / Jun 3, 2016

Federal Reserve Reveals Stats on Breaches

This past week, the Federal Reserve publicly announced how many times it's systems had been compromised. The report claims that...

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By TechEdge / Jun 2, 2016

Google Patches More Chrome Vulnerabilities

We recently ran a blog post talking about patches to Google's popular browser, Chrome. It seems as though bounty hunters have found...

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By TechEdge / Jun 1, 2016

7 Cyber Security Myths Debunked

With the many recent stories of data breaches, cyber security has grown to be one of the largest talking points for media outlets....

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By TechEdge / May 27, 2016

DDoS For Hire Services On Popular Freelance Site

Distributed Denial of Service ("DDoS") services are now being sold on Fiverr, a popular freelance website. The description of the services claim...

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By TechEdge / May 26, 2016

Data Breaches are Changing Online Behaviors

A recent survey by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NITA) shows that online users are taking notice to data...

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By TechEdge / May 25, 2016

Phishing Attacks Highest Ever in Q1 2016

According to the Anti-Phishing Working Group, phishing attacks are up 250% between October 2015 and March 2016. The group claims that...

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By TechEdge / May 24, 2016

Google Project Zero Finds Vulnerability in Symantec Softwares

A Google Project Zero researcher recently found remote code execution vulnerabilities and a flaw in the core scanning engine of...

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By TechEdge / May 23, 2016

SEC Chair Claims Cyber Security Is Biggest Threat to Financial System

The chair for the U.S Securities & Exchange Commission claims that cyber security is the largest threat the financial system...

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By TechEdge / May 20, 2016

LinkedIn Users Passwords Still at Risk

Back in 2012, LinkedIn experienced a major breach in it's users' personal data. While the passwords were encrypted after the...

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By TechEdge / May 19, 2016

Flaw in Qualcomm Processor Affects Security of 60% of Android Devices

Researchers at Duo Labs have found a flaw in a Qualcomm processor used in 60% of Android devices. The flaw...

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By TechEdge / May 18, 2016

50% Of North American Companies Think They’re Safer

In a recent survey of IT managers, directors, and executives in North America, half of them believe that their organizations are...

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By TechEdge / May 17, 2016

5 Tips for Improving Cyber Security

Former FBI agent Chris Tarbell gives some reminders on how to stay safe in a time where digital crime is...

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By TechEdge / May 16, 2016

Four Ways to Assess and Address the Risk of Malware

Malware has become one of the most common way for hackers to exploit victims from their money. The risk of compromised...

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By TechEdge / May 13, 2016

5 Security Vulnerabilities Patched in Google Chrome Browser

Updates to the Google Chrome browser for Windows, Mac and Linux users patches 5 security holes, 2 of which are...

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By TechEdge / May 12, 2016

6 Intellectual Property Breaches You Should Know

Hackers and the media today often measure the severity of a data compromise by the quantity of Personally Identifiable Information (PII)...

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By TechEdge / May 11, 2016

USB Hacking: 10 Years Later

Steve Stasiukonis, President of Secure Network, revisits a topic made popular by a post he wrote in 2006 for Dark Reading regarding malware...

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By TechEdge / May 10, 2016

Adobe Fixes 95 Vulnerabilities in New Patch

Adobe pushed out a patch today for 95 vulnerabilities found in a number of it's products. However, a zero-day vulnerability found...

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By TechEdge / May 9, 2016

How Cyber-criminals Use Geography-Specific Targeting

Much like a a business tailors it's products and services to the geography it's catering, so too do cyber criminals...

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By TechEdge / May 6, 2016

Be Warned About Fake Ads for Puppies and Kittens

Last week Action Fraud, the UK's national reporting center for fraud and cyber crime, reported about fraudsters placing ads online...

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By TechEdge / May 5, 2016

World Password Day: 4 Tips for Stronger Password Security

Organizations hear it all the time, but good passwords are an important part of any robust IT security policies that your business...

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By TechEdge / May 4, 2016

New Ransomware Plans to Donate Ransoms to Charity

New strains of ransomware are created with relatively high frequency, so it's no wonder many strains don't make headline worthy news....

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By TechEdge / May 3, 2016

Battle of the Malware

Thanatos is a new malware used by underground hackers which now has the ability to scan a target network for...

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By TechEdge / May 2, 2016

8 Tips for Microsoft Office 365 Users to Help Reduce Data Loss

Microsoft's Office 365 suite is becoming increasingly popular with larger enterprises. Even with a bundle of built in security features,...

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By TechEdge / Apr 29, 2016

American Dental Association (ADA) Inadvertently Mails Malware to Members

The American Dental Association (ADA) may have unknowingly sent flash drives containing malware to it's members. The flash drive supposedly contained updated...

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By TechEdge / Apr 28, 2016

CFOs See Cyber Security as a Top Concern

CFOs historically have played a major role in an organization's risk-mitigation efforts. As the roles of finance and technology grow...

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By TechEdge / Apr 27, 2016

FBI Paid Hackers ~$1 Million to Get Into San Bernardino Shooters iPhone

During an interview at the Aspen Security Forum in London, the FBI director dropped a hint about just how much...

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By TechEdge / Apr 26, 2016

Makers of SpyEye Trojan Get Combined 24 Year Sentence

The two men who developed and distributed SpyEye, a trojan infecting 50 million computers and causing almost $1 Billion in losses,...

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By TechEdge / Apr 25, 2016

Windows Users Encouraged to Uninstall Apple’s QuickTime

Security experts are encouraging Windows users to uninstall Apple's version of QuickTime for Windows. This recommendation comes after two zero-day...

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By TechEdge / Apr 21, 2016

Healthcare Organizations Still Prioritize Compliance Over Data Security

Healthcare organizations remain some of the most vulnerable and frequently attacked institutions when it comes to corporate data.  Around 63%...

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By TechEdge / Apr 19, 2016

New “Jigsaw” Ransomware Resembles the Movie “Saw”

Following the recent upward trend of ransomware attacks, a new version has been floating around that displays an image of...

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By TechEdge / Apr 15, 2016

Zero Day Exploits More Than Doubled in 2015

The number of attacks exploiting previously unknown software vulnerabilities (known as a "zero day attacks") have more than doubled in 2015....

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By TechEdge / Apr 14, 2016

FBI Report Shows $2.3 Billion Lost to CEO Fraud

CEO fraud is a type of scheme used by hackers to trick company insiders such as management and accounting personnel...

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By TechEdge / Apr 13, 2016

Insiders May Be The Weak Security Link You’re Searching For

When most people think of cyber security, they typically think of hackers sitting in a dark room plotting to steal corporate...

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By TechEdge / Apr 12, 2016

FDIC Suffers Accidental Data Leak

Records of approximately 44,000 customers were inadvertently breached from the FDIC in late February.  The breach happened when a former employee...

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By TechEdge / Apr 11, 2016

Millions of Desktops Still Using Outdated and Vulnerable Windows XP

Two years ago, Microsoft ended support for their longtime popular Windows XP operating system. Despite having made numerous attempts at...

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By TechEdge / Apr 8, 2016

Thousands Of Vulnerabilities Found In Corporate Networks

F-Secure, a security research firm, found thousands of instances of misconfigured systems and dated software in company networks. While only 7%...

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By TechEdge / Apr 7, 2016

Petya – New Ransomware Using Old School Techniques

Petya, a new form of ransomware, locks victims out of using their data much like other forms of ransomware. The...

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By TechEdge / Apr 6, 2016

PayPal Flaw Can Send Users Malicious Emails Through It’s Own System

A Germany based security research firm discovered a flaw that allows hackers to insert malicious code into email confirmations sent by...

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By TechEdge / Apr 5, 2016

Business Disruption a Major Focus for Cyber Attacks in 2015

In a study by Mandiant Consulting, 2015 saw a marked increase in business disruption-type cyber attacks, including ransomware attacks where...

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By TechEdge / Apr 4, 2016

Why Hospitals Are the Perfect Targets for Ransomware

Hospitals have been victims of multiple ransomware attacks in recent months, but why are hospitals so vulnerable to these types of attacks? Hospitals...

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By TechEdge / Apr 1, 2016

Google Can Expose Vulnerable Targets for Hackers

Hackers are using a search technique called "Google dorking" to find vulnerable computer systems and hack their infrastructure. This technique...

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By TechEdge / Mar 31, 2016

Missed Jury Duty Scams Gaining Popularity

Reports of sophisticated telephone ransomware scams are starting to affect more people in the U.S. The scam involves an alleged...

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By TechEdge / Mar 30, 2016

Ethical Hacker Website Unknowingly Spreading Malware

EC-Council is an Albuquerque, New Mexico-based professional organization that administers a Certified Ethical Hacker program. Last Monday, EC-Council was found to be...

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By TechEdge / Mar 29, 2016

Hackers Steal and Sell Verizon Enterprise Data

Verizon Enterprise Solutions ("VES") is a B2B division of Verizon, and is responsible for responding to data breaches in Fortune...

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By TechEdge / Mar 28, 2016

Another Hospital Hit By RansomWare Attack

Methodist hospital in Henderson, Kentucky had to shut down it's desktops and web-based services yesterday. The attack comes only a...

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By TechEdge / Mar 25, 2016

Microsoft Office 2016 Blocks Malicious Macros

Microsoft Office 2016 has a new feature for administrators to block macros from untrusted sources. These macros are bits of...

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By TechEdge / Mar 24, 2016

8 Tips for Preventing Ransomware

With news of ransomware attacks on organizations becoming all to common (read here for one of our more recent blog posts), organizations...

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By TechEdge / Mar 23, 2016

Large Media Outlets Unknowingly Allow Malvertising Ads on Pages

On Sunday and Monday of this week, large media outlets such as the New York Times and AOL inadvertently allowed...

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By TechEdge / Mar 22, 2016

Most Organizations Will Be Hacked Eventually, But What To Do When it Happens?

According to Brian NeSmith, CEO of Arctic Wolf Networks, "The reality is that everyone will get breached at some point...

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By TechEdge / Mar 21, 2016

Apple iPhone Zero-Day Could Expose Messages, Photos from iMessage

A well known American cryptographer has exposed a zero-day flaw in Apple's iMessage system. The flaw deals with the way...

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By TechEdge / Mar 18, 2016

SAP Patches 28 Vulnerabilities Across Multiple Products

This week, SAP released a patch that addresses 28 vulnerabilities across its products. 3 of these vulnerabilities were classified as high-priority....

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By TechEdge / Mar 17, 2016

Home Depot To Pay $19.5 Million In Data Breach Settlement

Home Depot recently settled the lawsuit brought about by it's massive data breach in 2014. The breach had exposed emails...

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By TechEdge / Mar 16, 2016

AMEX Cardholders Being Notified of Customer Data Breach

A notification letter filed with CA's attorney general indicates that AMEX cardholders may have had their account data breached. Account...

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By TechEdge / Mar 15, 2016

Key Questions to Ask SaaS or Cloud Hosting Provider

Your organization's data is one of it's most valuable assets. When using outsourced data hosting and SaaS services, businesses are increasingly wary of...

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By TechEdge / Mar 14, 2016

Typosquatters Targeting Mac Users

Typosquatting, also known as URL jacking, is a type of cyber-crime that involves taking advantage of users' typographical errors in...

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By TechEdge / Mar 11, 2016

READ: Samsung Windows Laptop Users At Risk

Owners of Samsung laptops running on Windows OS are urged to update their PCs. A vulnerability that allows remote hackers...

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By TechEdge / Mar 10, 2016

Typo Foils Hackers’ $1 Billion Wire Transfer

Bangladesh Bank's wire transfer and payments system was recently breached by a group of hackers. Unfortunately for the criminals, a...

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By TechEdge / Mar 9, 2016

Google Patches Vulnerabilities in Chrome Browser

Google updated it's Chrome browser Tuesday 3/9/16, after it was revealed that there were three high severity bugs contained within....

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By TechEdge / Mar 8, 2016

Good Security Starts With End User Machines in Organizations

Many versions of applications and other software installed on today's computers come with automated update systems. But even the most trusted and used...

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By TechEdge / Mar 7, 2016

Passwords May Not Be As They Appear for Customers of US Banks

A recent study shows that many password-limiting features such as case-sensitivity may not be fully implemented in US Banks' systems....

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By TechEdge / Mar 4, 2016

Current Cyber Protection isn’t Enough

Many organizations use a combination of prevention and detection techniques to identify and subdue cyber threats  to their organization. More...

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By TechEdge / Mar 3, 2016

Department of Defense’s New Federal Bug Bounty Program

The US Defense Department recently started a program that invites white-hat hackers to find flaws in the government's public web...

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By TechEdge / Mar 2, 2016

PHP Ransomware Attacks Blogs, Websites, Content Managers and More…

Wordpress users beware. A new ransomware that runs through PHP language is encrypting files on blogs and other websites than...

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By TechEdge / Mar 1, 2016

Over Half of British Businesses to Suffer Cyber Attacks by 2018

In a study by PWC, over 1/2 of British businesses will experience a cyber crime aimed at their organization in...

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By TechEdge / Feb 29, 2016

Dynamic Landscape of Cyber Threats

Most cyber attacks these days are comprised of swift, premeditated attacks where the software, IP addresses, and traces of the hackers...

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By TechEdge / Feb 26, 2016

“Locky” RansomWare – What you Need to Know

Another week, another ransomware threat to post about. This week, a ransomware called "Locky" that does what most ransomwares do...

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By TechEdge / Feb 25, 2016

Lessons In Security

Bad habits in information security are akin to bad habits in your everyday life. They share a similar psychology to smoking, eating...

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By TechEdge / Feb 24, 2016

Americans Want to Be Safer Online – Without Doing Anything

Data breaches, personal information hacks, and network hijacking are events that occur all to often in this day and age....

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By TechEdge / Feb 23, 2016

E-commerce Web Apps Vulnerable to Hijacking and Database Compromise

Researchers at High-Tech Bridge have exposed vulnerabilities in popular open-source e-commerce web applications. The flaws could allow perpetrators to execute...

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By TechEdge / Feb 22, 2016

Hollywood Hospital Pays $17K to RansomWare Hackers

Officials at a CA based hospital were forced to pay a ransom of $17,000 to decrypt medical files stored in...

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By TechEdge / Feb 19, 2016

AirDoid User Data Vulnerability Exposure Has Been Patched

AirDroid, a popular application that Android users use to send messages and connect to their computers, has recently been patched...

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By TechEdge / Feb 18, 2016

Obama’s Cybersecurity Plan for the Nation

With recent large scale attacks on the U.S. Government, Obama's enhanced cyber security plan might come as a bit of...

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By TechEdge / Feb 17, 2016

Cyber-Crime Not Being Treated as an Imminent Threat

Cyber crime is the topic of an overwhelming amount of stories and news headlines these days. Many business leaders, while...

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By TechEdge / Feb 16, 2016

New RansomWare Allows Chat Feature For Hackers

PadCrypt is a new type of RansomWare that allows hackers to live-chat with their victims while requesting a ransom. The malicious...

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By TechEdge / Feb 15, 2016

Sony Hackers Still an Active and Present Force

The Hackers of Sony's massive 2014 data breach appear to be active and still performing tortious acts. This type of...

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By TechEdge / Feb 12, 2016

5 Big Incident Response Mistakes

In order to properly assess and solve any security breaches, companies need to have a robust Incident Response plan implemented for...

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By TechEdge / Feb 11, 2016

Exercise Caution Filing your Taxes in 2016

2016 is here, which means many of us are gearing up to file taxes before the April 15 deadline. Fraudsters have...

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By TechEdge / Feb 10, 2016

EINSTEIN System Still Not Sophisticated Enough to Protect Government Networks

In June 2015, the Federal government saw a hack that led to the leak of millions of government workers' data....

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By TechEdge / Feb 9, 2016

75% Of Data Breaches Take Weeks Or Months to Discover

The 2014 Verizon Data Breach Investigation report claims that 75% of all data breaches can take weeks or event months...

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By TechEdge / Feb 5, 2016

Spam Filters Don’t Catch Everything

Almost all organizations have spam filters to sift through unwanted emails coming to their company's email addresses. While the filters are generally effective...

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By TechEdge / Feb 4, 2016

What’s the Real Cost of “Good Enough” Security?

Too often, businesses choose their security packages and providers based on the upfront cost to their enterprise. However, these "partial"...

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By TechEdge / Feb 3, 2016

Pattern of Credit Card Breaches found at Wendy’s Locations

The nationwide chain of fast-food restaurants is investigating reports of possible credit card breaches from some of it's store locations. The...

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By TechEdge / Feb 2, 2016

Hidden Backdoor Account Found in Government System

A deliberately hidden backdoor account to the U.S. government's communications systems was found by an Austrian information security professional. The...

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By TechEdge / Feb 1, 2016

Why Cybercriminals Target Healthcare Data

2015 saw a marked increase in the number of cyber attacks compared to 2014. The most alarming part about this data...

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By TechEdge / Jan 29, 2016

Cloud Security is Becoming a User Problem

In the early days of cloud services, companies were wary to let their data travel outside of their networks. With new security...

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By TechEdge / Jan 28, 2016

Fake Emails from FaceBook Contain Malware

A spam campaign targeting Facebook users is sending emails containing a malware-infested audio message. The malware downloads when the audio...

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By TechEdge / Jan 27, 2016

Flaws in Windows Allow for Hackers to Gain Control

A researcher from Foxglove Security recently demonstrated just how easy it can be to infiltrate Windows machines. Some of the...

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By TechEdge / Jan 26, 2016

Don’t Visit the Crash Safari Dot Com Page

Recently, a link has been floating around the internet that purportedly bogs down the memory of mac users' Safari browsers,...

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By TechEdge / Jan 25, 2016

Lenovo SHAREit App Patches Security Vulnerability

Lenovo's SHAREit app was patched today after a major security flaw was revealed. The security flaw comes in the way...

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By TechEdge / Jan 22, 2016

25 Worst Passwords of 2015

Most of us are guilty of some type of password-related best practice whether it be consistency in changing passwords ,...

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By TechEdge / Jan 21, 2016

Beware of Ransomware for Files in the Cloud

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that holds a company's files hostage until a ransom is paid to the...

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By TechEdge / Jan 20, 2016

How Safe are Your Web Forms?

A supermarket in the UK recently made changes to some security holes in it's web forms after being informed of them...

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By TechEdge / Jan 19, 2016

Cisco’s 2016 Annual Security Report

Cisco has been producing an Annual Security Report (ASR) since 2007 which outlines global security trends for business enterprises. Read what...

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By TechEdge / Jan 18, 2016

Webcams Can Be an Open Door Into Networks

Your inexpensive webcam might not be as harmless as you think it is. Researchers at the Vectra Threat Lab show how easy...

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By TechEdge / Jan 15, 2016

Security Discussions You Need to Have in 2016

Check out this article for some helpful tips to keep your enterprise safe in 2016. The article comes from the Herjavec...

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By TechEdge / Jan 14, 2016

Average Cost of a Spear Phishing Incident: $1.6M

While not a revolutionary scheme by any means, phishing is still one of the most popular ways for perpetrators to compromise an entity's...

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By TechEdge / Jan 13, 2016

Tax Scams Not Isolated to the U.S.

It's not just the IRS and people in the U.S. who need to worry about tax return scams. As people...

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By TechEdge / Jan 12, 2016

Companies Still Need Better Authentication Methods

This account of compromised PayPal info. paints a picture of the outdated authentication methods that companies (even ones like PayPal!) are...

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By TechEdge / Jan 11, 2016

Beware of This Costly ‘Bogus Boss’ Email Scam

A form of email phishing known as 'Bogus Boss' email scams can cost an organization thousands, if not millions of...

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By TechEdge / Jan 8, 2016

4 Reasons CFO’s Should Care About Cyber Security

Cyber Security isn't just for the IT department to worry about. The consequences from a cyber attack affects the entire business organization. In...

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By TechEdge / Jan 7, 2016

TimeWarner Cable Warns of Possible Data Breach

Approximately 320,000 TimeWarner Cable customers are being told to change their passwords from a possible data breach. The primary breach...

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By TechEdge / Jan 6, 2016

Still Using Cyber Security Practices from 3+ Years Ago? Time to Upgrade

It's time for businesses to find new approaches to the ways they secure enterprise data. Changes in everyday business processes adds more vulnerabilities for sensitive...

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By TechEdge / Jan 5, 2016

15 More Cyber Security Takeaways from 2015

In another 2015 recap, DarkReading lists 15 Cyber Security takeaways from the close of the recent year.

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By TechEdge / Jan 4, 2016

Cyber Security Predictions for 2016

2015 has come and passed with a litany of high-profile cyber-attacks. What can we expect for 2016? Read what the InfoSec...

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By TechEdge / Dec 30, 2015

New Threats to Security Prompt Changes in Encryption

As cyber threats become more and more sophisticated, the individuals, companies, and governments at risk are forced to change the...

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By TechEdge / Dec 29, 2015

Don’t Fall Victim to Tax Refund Fraud this 2016 Season!

Each year, billions of dollars in tax refunds are paid to people who file fraudulent tax returns. The IRS has some...

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By TechEdge / Dec 28, 2015

Skimmers Found at CA and CO Safeway Terminals

Multiple financial institutions have reports of debit cards being drained after customers were shopping at local Safeway stores. The stores...

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By TechEdge / Dec 23, 2015

1 in 4 People to Experience a Data Breach by 2020

What measures are you taking to keep your data secure? A study by IDC predicts that 1 in 4 people...

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By TechEdge / Dec 22, 2015

Is 2016 the Year of Ransomware?

Over the years, IT and business professionals have seen a variety of trends in CyberSecurity breaches. According to Andrew Hayter, 2016 could very...

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By TechEdge / Dec 21, 2015

CEOs Don’t Know Enough About CyberSecurity

CyberArk recently conducted a survey of IT professionals. The results indicate that CEOs generally don't know enough about CyberSecurity. Read the...

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By TechEdge / Dec 18, 2015

What Do Cyber Crimes Cost Companies?

Hint: These numbers say the average cost is in the millions. Read more at Net Security.

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By TechEdge / Dec 18, 2015

Answers to Penetration Testing Questions

Watch John Strand answer 5 tough questions about penetration testing. John Strand teaches a series of courses in ethical hacking techniques,...

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By TechEdge / Dec 17, 2015

CEO Guide to Cyber Security

Find out what you should know about Cyber Security to better protect your digital assets. What you will learn from...

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By TechEdge / Dec 17, 2015

Think Twice Before Hitting “Reply All”

Reply all can be a powerful and helpful tool in emails when used wisely. Unfortunately not everyone uses their reply-all...

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By TechEdge / Dec 16, 2015

Data Protection Rules Agreed Upon in Europe

The European Union has agreed to the GDPR provisions and incorporated them into their laws, effective 2018. Read more here via...

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By TechEdge / Dec 15, 2015

MacKeeper fails to keep 13 million Mac users safe

MacKeeper, the service used to purportedly clean up the speed and performance of mac computers, has had a massive data...

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By TechEdge / Dec 14, 2015

CyberArk Survey Finds Executives Overly Reliant on Compliance Metrics to Measure Security Program Effectiveness

Executives be wary. Just because your organization meets compliance standards doesn't mean your security program is foolproof. Read more here, courtesy...

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By TechEdge / Dec 11, 2015

How ‘Digital Forensic Readiness’ Reduces Business Risk

Always be prepared with your business and IT risk. Learn some tips to effectively manage and document your IT practices should you ever...

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By TechEdge / Dec 10, 2015

Bill Requiring Reporting of Terrorist Social Media Content

Check out what legal mandates some social media companies like Facebook and Twitter might soon. face. See the article here at Naked...

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By TechEdge / Dec 9, 2015

Password Security: Complexity vs. Length

Check out one of InfoSec's latest posts for some insights into best practices for your passwords. Image courtesy of Stuart Miles...

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