Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Beach Physicians Medical Group

I wanted to thank Technology’s Edge and your technician Keith in particular for the support to get our internet service back up and running. Keith’s repeated calls to Frontier for support to fix our internet connection problem helped to escalate it to get the needed response from them to send their technician out. Keith provided onsite support during the service call with the Frontier technician, and without his technical knowledge of our system, the Frontier service technician would have lacked the necessary information to be able correct the problem.

Hamilton, Mercer & Werre, LLP CPAs

"Since 2001, you and your very competent, professional and kind staff have kept us up and running in all scenarios. Not only is your staff available for support during normal business hours, they also understand our specific needs. During tax season they are often available 7 days a week via onsite, telephone, or remote locations. There is always someone available to help us. I know beyond a doubt that when someone from TechEdge comes in the door, I can relax and get back to work..they will take care of it.

Beyond the service to our existing computers, you have all been there when we have needed recommendations for new equipment, all of which fit our needs very well. When we wanted to go paperliss, you and your staff researched products and let us to the perfect match to our existing software, and then helped us implement the new system. TechEdge sits down with us annually to and the constantly try out new products to better assist their clients. This process allowed you to help us more efficiently manage our backup system thus keeping us up and running."

Documedia Group

"I love knowing who I'm talking with at Technology's Edge and who will be showing up at my office. The personal touch is great. The staff always makes time for us, and everything is done on time and correctly."

Jax Kneppers Associates

"We first decided to outsource our IT services a few years ago. Switching to TechEdge was due to our dissatisfaction with our previous IT provider who lacked in the technical knowledge, business acumen, and proactive approach that Techedge possesses. We also love the fact that the engineers are able to explain products, services, and processes in a manner that everyone is comfortable with."

Peterson Chase Construction

"Partnering with TechEdge has saved us time and resources in that our entire network now works together. The responsiveness from Technology's Edge is excellent."

Grating Pacific

"Partnering with Technology’s Edge has saved me time. Without them, I would have to perform many tasks unassisted equating to a higher internal cost and less time to work on more valuable projects."