The Case For IT Outsourcing

The Case For IT Outsourcing

It is our philosophy that IT should be considered as significant component that contributes to the overall strategy and success of a profitable business. Although IT expenditures are considered an overhead expense, few companies can survive without technology. Those organizations that embrace technology as part of a sound business plan, will stay ahead of their competition with strive.
Below are three categories of how we see IT outsourcing benefits small businesses:

Operations – Tackling Common Business IT Challenges

  • Staffing professionals to cover a broad spectrum of IT disciplines
  • Staying current with the latest technologies, security monitoring, and IT skillsets
  • Managing & maintaining current IT infrastructure (both hardware and software)
  • Securing data, transactions, and communications
  • Improve response to time-to-market demands
  • Better management of IT overhead expenditures

State of Transition – Assistance To Accommodate Organizational Changes

  • Plans to upgrade, move, or relocate existing infrastructure
  • The scope or scale of current business operations is changing
  • A merger, partnership, or acquisition is altering operations
  • The need to increase the level of service to meet customer demands or competitor challenges
  • Expansion into national or international markets

The Bottom Line – Leveraging Outsourced IT Expertise To Increase Revenue

  • Business projected growth targets are dependent on implementing new technologies
  • Keep focus on your core competencies and mission-critical processes
  • Contract specialized services to complement your core business
  • Address network security concerns and your ability to meet privacy or security regulations
  • Apply better tools and dedicated resources to protect your assets from the latest security threats
  • Maintain business growth while undergoing downsizing and hiring freezes in a challenging economy
  • Guidance to formulating a return on IT investments (ROTI)